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A new approach
You’ve mastered being productive on only five hours of sleep, juggling work, being a housekeeper, a chef, a doctor, a negotiator and even a magician; but as a parent, you soon discover your rewarding role of being a full-time “teacher.”
Jade’s ToyBox is here to make that task easier with our JTB Toolboxes, a collection of educational & eco-friendly toys and resources that you can use with your child to reinforce learning opportunities from routine, everyday events, like going to the post office or doing laundry; things that may seem like a chore, but to your child, they are a whole new world of exploration and learning.
Jade’s ToyBox does the homework for you, researching the safest, best-quality products we can find, so you can concentrate on more important things, like encouraging your lil goose, to see that a box can be more than just a box.